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Theriot resigns as Sorrento Chief of Police

TheriotMementos of his longtime stint as Sorrento’s police chief in boxes on the floor of his office, Earl Theriot told The Creole that “as of midnight last night I am no longer the Chief of Police.”

Theriot, told The Creole he turned in a “letter of resignation” after attempting to obtain liability insurance for his department since November 19, 2013, when Risk Management terminated coverage citing an excessive number of claims against Sorrento PD.  Since that time three potential providers have submitted proposals to the Town Council, none of which proved acceptable. Theriot later contacted the Creole stating that this would be his final retirement from law enforcement.

All the while Theriot’s relationship with the Council, and more particularly Mayor Mike Lambert, steadily deteriorated.  That relationship was never pleasant since Lambert ran for office on a platform which included dissolving the police department.  More often than not, when the police department appeared on meeting agendas, an argument was likely to ensue.

“It was a very hard decision,” Earl Theriot said, nearly overcome with emotion.  “But it’s time.”

He would not provide any particulars, saying only that his attorney advised against it.  Theriot was made defendant in a recently filed lawsuit which alleges that he committed sexual battery on a woman in his custody.

The Lawrason Act provides that a police chief be appointed by the Mayor and Council.

“We’ve got 20 days to appoint an interim Chief of Police from the time we receive notification from the Secretary of State that Mr. Theriot has officially retired,” Mayor Mike Lambert said.  “If we can’t do so then the governor can appoint someone.”

Lambert would not comment further except to say that he has seen Theriot’s letter of resignation.


  1. Yvette Imbraguglio says:

    well he pleaded guilty…still hard to believe story….unresponsive..4hrs sex…just hard to believe….

  2. Bonnie Keibler Coan says:

    What a joke!

  3. Gerald Kirk Goudeau says:

    rail rolled out of office …………… sore rent to is not the place i would not wont to be .

  4. He’ll Earl and I are Gona have some more Jell-O shots and moonshine again with our buddie Bean for New Years just like we do every year and having a good ole time. Lmfao..

  5. We’ll I lived in sorrento over 35 yrs. just recently moved to Livingston a year ago he’ll this place Is paradise comparing to Sorrento I know Earl well good friend they need to dig a lil deeper the complete town is screw up and always has been before he was chief and is Gona always be .. Let the parish take it over do all the people a big favor…

  6. Good riddance on his dishonoring the badge and the town. He tried to convince me it was a law in HIS town that it was illegal to look in car windows. He had me cornered for 2 hours, between he and his deputies, for a false statement he made about me. I have done nothing illegal and have no record. I've watched the escapades of the law force in the Town of Sorrento since my encounter with Mr. Theriot and have full belief that he is a shyster. He is an embarrassment to southern Louisiana.

  7. Shantell says:

    You need to shut the f*** up you ignorant fat clown.

  8. Jackie Ricca says:

    Ignorance = Lying to the FBI.

  9. Gaylynn says:

    He is (family) So Dan you must have low self esteem to comment on everything about EJ !!!!

  10. Yvette Imbraguglio says:

    he was a good friend..everyone has flaws…I don't believe story about woman…he stood proud for his town…they had to pay him off cause there's no way he was deserting his town…wonder how much..far from ignorant…he has a heart and cared about his town…my opinion cause I know this man personally.

  11. Gaylynn says:

    He is not a fat clown! It’s a known fact , when people say mean and hurtful things about a person. They themselves, have little self esteem and it makes them feel better to put other people down.

  12. What the hell says:

    Why so quite? Where have all the commentators gone? It’s about time. Amazing but awesome. Dirty sob just got slapped with federal charges and I am LMAO

  13. sorry to see you go!

  14. James Coan says:

    It's about time !