The true meaning of Christmas

reaganWhen you think of Christmas, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Many think of family, decorated trees, a million lights, and of course, presents! As these things have become tradition we have lost sight of the true meaning – togetherness. Now this is not a ploy to force my beliefs on anyone, this is only my opinion.

With each passing year, Christmas becomes more and more materialistic. Merely days into the month of November is when the commercials start to entice us with gift ideas. The brands and products we forgot about suddenly settle their way into the back of our minds once again, and what we can get becomes the main focus until December 25th.  These materialistic mindsets are fogging Christmas and the morals it holds so dear.

Thanksgiving is a day where we gather with loved ones. We laugh, reminisce, and eat until we have to unbuckle our pants. On this day we all become content and humble when sharing what we are thankful for. However, just hours later, you see adults pushing and shoving, some even fighting, just to shop for a good deal on the infamous Black Friday. What happened to “I’m thankful for everything I have?”

America is somewhat backwards. Nothing is wrong with a good deal, but people totally contradict themselves. Gifts aren’t the most important things to be worried about during the holiday season.

The gift aspect is mainly for a child’s enjoyment. Part of childhood innocence is writing out a wish list to Santa. Setting out milk and cookies on Christmas Eve, and to wakingthe next morning to beautifully wrapped presents underneath the tree and an empty glass and cookie crumbs, are a joy for any child to behold. 

Gifts are nice, and nothing is wrong with wanting to give or receive them, but as adults, they should not be the main focus.

I know people personally who get highly upset when they don’t get the gift that they wanted. It is sad to see how ungrateful people can be. I have experienced Christmases in which I did not get many gifts, but I can honestly say that the Christmases in which I got the least, I enjoyed the most.

I enjoyed these the most because the memories made were priceless! I wasn’t drooling over presents. Christmas was the time that I would have a majority of my family under the same roof, family whom I hadn’t seen since the previous year. I was enjoying the time I was spending with my family while taking part in the funny traditions. I was engaged and more focused on the moment.

The excitement of the gifts I received was often short lived. Once your gifts get old, what then? When you reflect on that, your best ever Christmas, what memories do you have?

Christmas, sadly, has become just another way for businesses to capitalize and increase their sales. Don’t feed into the hype. Christmas comes once a year. Why not use that day to celebrate the intended purpose of it? December 25th isn’t the reservation date to give or receive gifts. Gifts can be given or received all year long.  Be generous, but don’t lose sight of why we celebrate.

Christmas is the time for togetherness. Make memories! Enjoy the company of your loved ones this holiday season and make the most out of it, because you never know if it will be your last, but it could be your greatest.


  1. I totally agree with you Reagan. Christmas has become too materialistic.Everyone gets and gives enough gifts on birthdays, anniversarys, Mother's Day, Father's Day and other times during the year.Maybe we could give gifts to the young children from Santa and give our time to the older ones and offer to do one job for Seniors in need of some help.We would have enough time to do this instead of searching the malls for the perfect gift that no one really needs.Christmas celebrates the birth of Baby Jesus so why do WE need so many gifts? I love being with family and friends and making memories and cooking and eating all the special meals but I don't enjoy the hassle of finding the perfect gifts for people who already have everything that they need.It has even come to exchanging gift cards so we can find the perfect gift for ourselves! How special is that! I know that the retailers are very happy but we are not so happy in January when the bills arrive and we realize that maybe we went over our budget.Please keep Christ in your Christmas and enjoy the season in less materialistic ways and maybe others will also and soon we won't have to celebrate Christmas at the mall.

  2. Could have swore the true meaning was celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ! Hence the holiday being called “Christmas”!

  3. bobby says:

    Right on little lady. Well said. Although Christmas is supposed to celebrate the birth of Christ, for those that may not believe in that, it should still be a day of celebration for family, friends and community, just as Reagan said about Thanksgiving. I also couldnt agree more about the selfishness and commercialization that this holiday has become. Although i am a bit guilty of it myself in the past, me and mine have made the steps to changing the Christmas season into one of giving and fellowship in our community. Check out the FB page “Community Christmas Dinner” and share it with anyone who may be in need of this on Christmas day.

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