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Gonzales officer faces charges

millerdOn Thursday, August 8, Gonzales Police officer Davin Miller, 34, of 824 W. Cornerview St, Gonzales, was arrested on a charges of simple battery and domestic violence. Miller is a 4 1/2 year veteran with the Gonzales Police Department.

According to Detective Steven Nethken with GPD, Gonzales officers were called to a Gonzales residence due to a disturbance. Upon arriving, officers found that the man in question was an employee of the Gonzales Police Department, so the investigation was handed to the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Miller is claiming a verbal altercation took place, which officers suspect turned physical.

Miller was booked into the Ascension Parish Jail, and an investigation is continuing. Miller is now on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation.



  1. Chantel Hendricks says:

    If u feel like that….that's ur opinion…..but y should he get paid to sit in jail….he is not the only person in jail awaiting trial…..he was/is a police officer who by law is suppose to uphold the law…not use the law for his benefit to beat his wife/girlfriend…..on r off duty…any officer who misuse their position needs to be under the jail….cuz they r no better then any other criminal…..that is my opinion n I stand by what I say….treat ppl they way u want to b treated on n off the job….

  2. Mickey Mouse says:

    Police officer or not, nobody should be allowed to beat their wife. I’m sick of these pigs thinking they can do whatever they want. Ascension Parish is crawling with dirty cops. Get it together.

  3. Phyllis says:

    some of you out there have nothing better to do with your time. If you know all the circumstances and were there when this went on, then maybe you could say some of what you are saying. They are the only two that really knows whats going on. If it is what everyone out there is making accusations about, why would they be back together. It couldn’t have been that bad. Yes the cops were involved, and he was arrested but more times than one, it takes two. We are not here to judge. So some of you making comments might want to think about it and say prayers for both of them. Everybody has closet skeletons,so beware of when yours might surface.

  4. Only Cops are paid to beat their wives.It's all good till it ain't.

  5. lonel says:

    people blowing this way out. This is a fare cop not like a lot on gonzales force is so he should have to go throw some things but not lose his job. This comes from a person that get in shit a lot with gonzales P.D like uncle sie say hay call them like i see them

  6. David Norwood says:

    he will get off scott free for beating her and will probally do it again..if and when he does you can say he is above the law..he got away with it

  7. David Norwood says:

    He's a cop..they going to find some reason for him to get off scott free..

  8. Cathy Phillips Kerr says:

    Of course you mean after he's found guilty of a crime? Being arrested does not mean someone is guilty of a crime. I have no idea who this guy is or what he did or did not do but I do know I believe in innocent until proven guilty. This article provides no evidence to make any sort of judgement. Due process….

  9. Because he is a police officer the chief has to follow rules of procedure that are spelled out in the civil service laws. Leave without pay is considered a penalty before a hearing is actually held. Once the chief makes his decision the accused officer has the option of an appeal to the local civil service board. The board shall determine if the chief’s decision or discipline was made in good faith. All this has to be accomplished by following the guidelines of the Police Officers Bill of Rights and Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Law and Regulations.

  10. Remember this person is innocent until proven guilty. So, I assume that is why he is on paid leave until they figure out if he beat up someone or not? Being a cop does not make him immune from being a trashy human being. If he beat his wife or whomever he should not continue to be a public servant he should be fired and throw under the jail. Maybe he thought he would not be arrested because of his employment as a police officer.

  11. Chantel Hendricks says:

    It really does not matter if he was off duty or not. He was suppose to be a Public Servant 24/7. He should be kicked off the force with no pension and not receiving paid to sit in jail.

  12. Carolyn D'antoni says:

    why in the world would you arresst him then give him money to be on vacation?

  13. MommaT says:

    Why paid leave? He shouldn’t get paid for beating someone up, that will really teach him a lesson.

  14. He does, Joe. That is why I would like The Creole to ask more questions and publicize this issue and NOT have it swept under the rug, so to speak! I am sure that is wife is in fear of him.

  15. Stephanie, I am pretty sure that the police had plenty of evidence if they had to arrest one of their own. From other comments on the Facebook page, looks like this guy likes to beat on his old lady.

  16. Does it matter if she has bruises? He was arrested for domestic violence. He broke the law therefore he got arrest. He is a cop he is not above the law.

  17. MMMMM. I wonder if his wife has bruises? Was he off duty when this happened?

    • LaDonna says:

      He was on duty at the time and yes she has bruises . Regardless this needs to stop and shame on you.