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Truck plunges into New River

nr1The Gonzales Fire Department has been on the scene of a one-vehicle accident today, as adverse weather conditions upon making a curve caused a driver plunge into New River on New River St. at Coontrap Rd.

The Fire Department received the call shortly after noon on Wednesday, June 19, said Gonzales Fire Chief Tracey Normand.

“We arrived on scene and secured a wench cable onto a bulldozer that was being pulled by the truck on a trailer,” he said. “We launched our small rescue raft and extracted the driver through the passenger window of the truck, administered medical assistance and he was transferred to St. Elizabeth Hospital.”


We will update you with more information as it becomes available.




  1. Karen Tomlinson says:

    awesome job guys.

  2. Great job! Hope that he is ok!

  3. Angelle Guillot Boeneke says:

    looks like that could have ended up a whole lot worse! hope the driver is okay.

  4. I believe they need some kind of railing going around that curve… thank god they ok.

  5. Slow down when it's raining my friends. Y'all need to calm the hell down on the roads.

  6. Tracy Babin says:

    So glad there was a happy ending to this! Let's hear it for all of our first responders out there!

    • Glenn Jones says:

      You are so right about the first responders, Tracy. My wife and I owe our lives to the actions of the first responders in Port Allen. They were quick and efficient when our SUV overturned and we both got a broken neck. They extracted us from the vehicle and got us to OLOL fast and that saved our lives.

  7. Jayme Poirrier Millet says:

    glad to get updates so quickly, that'smy dad and his dozer and truck

  8. Sierra Templet says:

    That's directly across from my house and this happens everytime it rains.

  9. Peter Harris says:

    I bet he had a heart attack when he looked out that window and saw that dozer right above him, he must have strapped it well or it would have ended up on top of the truck in the river. looks like the trucks motor didn't get in the water so hopefully it will only be some body damage.

  10. Lenny Wells says:

    Slow down when it rains and STOP TEXTING.

  11. Bad spot, I live in ALABAMA but I know that part of the road. My best friend Tony Carter live's nearby and pulled a guy out of his car there a few yr's ago. Yall ready for some football down there in La?

  12. I live right there, behind the funeral home. I missed all that. Glad they were ok.

  13. I live right there, behind the funeral home. I missed all that. Glad they were ok.

  14. Lesley Guillot says:

    "the slower you go the more you see"

  15. WOW!!

  16. Beth Rodrigue says:

    a sign they need "to slow down"

  17. I doubt the weather caused it. The speed limit is 35 and you have caution lights warning you to slow down for the curve. So SLOW DOWN!

  18. Ray Linton says:

    Its a "WINCH CABLE"……not "WENCH".

  19. K Le Blanc says:

    It was the weather and they’re sticking to that story, suspect they were going faster than speed limit factor that and a drawing trailer makes making that curve even harder. They are very very lucky that it didn’t end worse

  20. Brent Poirrier says:

    Thanks for the nice comments from you guys. But seems some people know everything about everything these days and yes the speed limit was 35 and I was going 25 or less when approaching the curve.