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More lawsuits filed in wake of Williams Olefins explosion

photo (4)Some could say the legal sharks have apparently picked up the scent of bloody dollars in the water in the wake of the tragic explosion at the Williams Olefins plant in Geismar on June 13, which has claimed the lives of two so far and left several others injured.

The Creole has learned that a second lawsuit has been filed asserting damage claims with regard to those horrific events.  It was filed in the 23rd Judicial District Court for the Parish of Ascension.

This second suit has been filed on behalf of three plaintiffs, David Seal, Emory Brown and Fargo Ferguson, against Williams Olefins.  These three individuals are believed to have been working at the BASF facility which is located on Hwy. 30, quite a few miles from the site of the explosion.

The Creole contacted the office of the plaintiffs’ attorneys, Honeycutt and Fayard, APC in Denham Springs, La. in the attempt to ascertain the extent of their clients’ injuries.  The Creole was informed that no one was available for comment.

Earlier today a petition for damages was filed on behalf of Galen P. Mitchell who was also present at BASF at the time of the explosion.  A message was left at the office of Mitchell’s attorney, The Becnel Law Firm of Reserve, requesting comment.  None has been forthcoming.

Both suits are requesting that a class action be certified by the court.

Interestingly enough, BASF is located on a stretch of Hwy. 30 which had not been closed during the time in which first responders were at the scene of the Williams Olefins explosion.  It was accessible while locations closer to the site were not.

Class actions occur when the number of plaintiffs in the aftermath of a large event such as yesterday’s explosion, file numerous lawsuits.  Each of the lawsuits will be based upon the same event, i.e. the explosion and the court will never hear so many cases based upon the same set of facts which are alleged to have caused injury.  For one thing, the courts have neither the time nor the resources to do so.  For another, a jury’s findings will be inconsistent.

For example, one jury might find Williams Olefins 100% at fault while a second jury might not.  The courts prefer one finder of fact in any given case.  ( The Creole in no way means to assert or imply that Williams Olefins bears the fault in this matter, that is for a jury to decide.)  The law abhors such inconsistent results when faced with one set of facts.


  1. robert says:

    I was also an employee for mmr electric group. Same as Chris,I was less than 100′ from the explosion. I experienced something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I seen death before my eyes,I seen my 2 kids (son 6 daughter 4)
    without their daddy,a wife without her husband and numerous family members in pain. While I was running for my life I also felt the heat coming threw my nomex and on my neck. Running into pipe and scaffolding trying to find a way out all I could think about is being burned to death finally,when I finally got to the gate……it was locked! Williams and cb&I employees were telling us to badge out! What? After seeing people jumping from structures jumping out of scaffolding not caring about the pain because of the heat. We still have yet to receive anything from wokers comp. Really? Now here comes Christmas and our kids have to suffer,can’t hold them due to my back injuries,losing lights and water all the time this wasn’t in the application

  2. chris says:

    What about us that were in the explosion? My name is Chris devall and I was under the flames trying to escape, after I asked god to take care of my children the flames subsided. I jumped ditches and fell over piping trying to escape, looking for my men during my escape! It was tragic! The blast was shook the ground under my feet! Trying to run it seemed like there was no oxygen to breath! The sky was Orange with flame just over our heads and the heat was burning my skin through my shirt. I was not on fire just yet when I made my piece with god’ ppl where jumping from structures and climbing over one another before we got to the gate only to realized it was locked and seemed to be abandon by the guards ( no one to unlock) it was a funnel of ppl climbing barbed wire fencing with no other choice! Their were a bunch of ppl hurt from this! Do this date of October 17 none of us have been approved for medical corrective wellness or paid lost wages! I worked as an electrician for mmr. Their private workmans comp insurance company has denied denied denied! Santa is coming soon and I don’t have the means to light my christmas tree! I cant pick my two lil boys up when they wanna gug daddy! Another friend on my crew that barley escaped the fires, broke his arm jumping 20ft from a pipe rack is in trouble also. His young boy is having brain surgery this month to remove a tumor. What did we do wrong? Is it normal tatics for wc to starve my our families that are genuinely hurt? I have emailed Jindal and mary Landrieu and no reply? Who is responsible? I’ve been in these plants working my ass off since I turned 18! Now they just wanna sweep us under the rug! How do I explain this to my kids this christmas?

  3. David Seal says:

    I could see if I were saying hey, I saw the explosion from miles away now give ms 20k dollars but we're not. Like you said. People will say what they want until it's them whom are affected.

  4. David Seal says:

    Creoles info is incorrect on second suit. None of the three work at BASF. Much closer. We were evacuated due to fumes and gases from fire blowing in our direction. More suits to be filed. You people talk about gold diggers. Breath in those fumes and gases. Have that sore through. Not knowing the future health issues it may cause. Be the family of those men that lost their lives. Put youreslf in our shoes. We were evacuated from our worksite and lost time. Time is valuable money for my family. Money that feeds them andclothes them. So before your flap your ;;;;;suckers think about that. I want my time ccompensated, not looking to get rich. For those families who lost loved ones and have loved ones injured may God bless them. For those of you who feel different, may God work in your heart.

  5. Blood sucking ambulance chasers

  6. TRESSA SMITH says:


  7. Beverly Cole Laurent says:

    My husband knows stories from the past that this "Bencel" comes running when something like this happens. His wife is a judge in St. John parish. That's some sorry people should be ashamed!

  8. Robin J Peterson says:

    NONONONON.. these people are using the system, I worked the plants for 35 years, tramatized my butt! They should have to be there and see you friends and buds die…….then call Morris Bart


  9. JE Marti says:

    And of all people….Becnel….if I am not mistaken his wife is a district judge in St John Parish….

  10. JE Marti says:

    The buzzards are flying and this is just the beginning…My hope is that all of them get thrown out of court…..Nothing like lawyers chasing the almighty dollar….

  11. our Williams family has friends and family at BASF.. They are disgusted by this! shame on you!

  12. Gold diggers!!!!! It's what wrong with this world today!!! They should never be allowed on a plant site again!!! They're just waiting for something to happen so they can call Mr Becnel!!!!

  13. Pamala Stafford says:

    May God have mercy on their souls!

    • Pam this just makes me sick.. I tried to get away from it today and this just brought me right back… there are some greedy people in this world…

  14. these people should be ashamed of them selfs BASF was in no danger at all!